Our Goal

Premium Goat Milk Formula

Our mission is a simple one – to support children to get the right nutrition during the critical window of development and growth for lifelong health.

Baby Steps

From Birth to 6 Months

Baby Steps® Goat Infant Formula is a gentle solution for formula fed babies from birth or when changing from breastfeeding. It is nutritionally formulated with optimal ingredients that support your baby’s normal growth and development.

Baby Steps

From 6 to 12 Months

Baby Steps® Follow-On Formula based on goat milk is gentle on little tummies. It is suitable for growing babies from 6-12 months if age and is appropriate when you are starting to introduce solid foods into your little one’s diet.

Baby Steps

From 12 to 36 Months

As part of your toddler’s varied diet, Baby Steps® Goat Toddler Milk Drink is a nutritionally formulated supplementary food for young children, made with the goodness of goat milk and added ingredients such as essential vitamins, minerals, DHA and GOS that support your toddler’s everyday needs for growth and development.


Goat milk benefits

Highly Nutritious

Goat milk contains higher level of amino acids

Reduced allergies and intolerance

Goat milk contains A2 type of protein that makes it easier to tolerate than cow milk. Unique Protein Profile – Protein profile of goat milk is closer to breast milk

Fats that provide a ready energy source

A much higher level of triglyceride Supercharged MCT (Medium chain triglyceride) provides a ready energy source

Easier to digest

Goat milk has a unique fat composition where the fat globule size is smaller that contributes higher digestibility of goat milk

NZ’s Leading Brand of Goat Milk Formula

Goat Milk

Easy to digest, less allergens and highly nutritious.

Our farms to you

Fully integrated supply chain to ensure highest quality and safest product.

Optimal Ingredients

Using carefully selected ingredients to support normal child’s growth and development.

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Baby Steps™ is owned by parent company, NIG Nutritionals, a leading New Zealand manufacturer of nutritional products.

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